South Putnam Community Schools

3999 South US Highway 231, Greencastle, IN. 46135

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South Putnam Varsity Football Records

Team Offense

Points Scored

First Downs

Rushing yards

Passing Yards

Passing Touchdowns

Total Yards

Total Touchdowns


Team Defense

Points Allowed

First Downs Allowed

Rushing Yards Allowed

Rushing Touchdowns Allowed

Passing Yards Allowed

Passing Touchdowns Allowed

Passes Intercepted

Total Yards Allowed






















76 -2008 vs. Cloverdale

23-1984 vs. Cloverdale

443-1997 vs. Cloverdale

382-1984 vs. Cloverdale

5-1984 vs. Cloverdale

514-1984 vs. Cloverdale

11-2008 vs. Cloverdale  



0-Numerous times

0-1984 vs. Cloverdale

27-2009 vs. Owen Valley

0-Numerous times

0-1983 vs. Cloverdale

0-Numerous times

6-2000 vs. Cascade

10-1983 vs. Cloverdale


Individual Offense Career Season Game
Points Scored 332-Adam Flora-1999-2002 210-Adam Flora-2002 30-Adam Flora-2002 vs Clinton Central

30-Drew Cash-2009 vs. Owen Valley

Rushing Yards 3272-Bruce Bridgewater-1984-1987 1962-Adam Flora-2002 364-Jim Pilcher-1997 vs Cloverdale
Average Yards Per Carry (min. 100 carries)   7.8-Bruce Bridgwater-1987  
Rushing Touchdowns 36-Bruce Bridgewater-1984-1987

36-Adam Flora-1999-2002

23-Adam Flora-2002 5-Adam Flora-2002-vs Clinton Central

5-Drew Cash-2009-vs Owen Valley


Passing Yards 4906-Tony Lewis-1982-1985 2128-Kole Ames-2002 309-Aaron Phillips-1993 -vs Cascade
Pass Completions 351-Tony Lewis-1982-1985 142-Tony Lewis-1985 20-Tony Lewis-1984-vs North Putnam


Touchdown Passes 55-Kole Ames-1992-2002 31-Kole Ames-2002 4-Tony Lewis-1984-vs Cloverdale

4-Tony Lewis-1985-vs North Vermillion

Passing Percentage (min 100 passes)   58.5%-Anthony Tomasino-2005  
Pass Receptions 120-BRian Meek-1982-1985 48-Brian Meek-1985 9-Brian Meek-1984 vs.Cloverdale
T.D. Pass Receptions 18-Brian Meek-1982-1985 13-John Bridgewater-1985 4-Brian Meek-1984 vs. Cloverdale
Pass Receptions Yards 1919-Brian Meek-1982-1985 818-Brian Meek-1984 201-Matt Hicks-2005 vs. North Mont.
Longest T.D. Run     92 yds-Robby Gibson-2009 vs. Speedway
Longest T.D. Pass     94 YDs - Aaron Phillips to Brian Reynolds - 1991 vs South Decatur


Individual Defense Career Season Game
Solo Tackles 92-Kole Ames-1999-2002 55-Brayden Freeman-2009 9-Khris Tomasino-2000
9-Brayden Freeman-2009
9-Derek Dean-2009
vs. Monrovia
Assisted Tackles 542-Brad Toney-1986-1989 242-Fred Spencer-1981 31-Fred Spencer-1981
vs. Cloverdale
Total Tackles 617-Brad Toney-1986-1989 264-Fred Spencer-1981 34-Fred Spencer-1981
vs. Cloverdale
QB Sacks 13-Walter Wood-1978-1980
13-John Keller-1999-2001
10-Brian Doane-2000 3-John Keller-1999
vs. Rockville
3-Brian Doane-2000
vs. Cascade
Fumble Recoveries 10-John Tomaw-1996-1999 6-John Schilling-1975 3-John Tomaw-1997
vs. Owen Valley
Interceptions 19-Brian Bridgewater-1985-1987 10-Brian Bridgewater-1986 3-Jim Robinson-1976
3-Travis Nichols-1986
vs. Attica
Special Teams Career Season Game
Field Goals Kicked 8-Jake Gould-2007-2009

4 - Jake Gould - 2009

2-Jake Gould - 2007
Extra Points Kicked 68-Brad Laney-2000-2003 39-Brad Laney-2002 10 - Jake Goiuld - 2008 vs Cloverdale
Longest Field Goal Enter   37 yds-Jake Gould-2007
Longest Punt     75 yds-Bruce Bridgewater vs. Culver Military
Longest Punt Returned for T.D. 76-Zach Smith-2009
vs. Rockville
  67 yds-Lee Cline-1999 vs. Rockville
Longest Kickoff Returned for T.D.     98 yds-Jim Pilcher-1996 vs. North

School Status:

Administration Office: Open

High School Office: Open

Elementary Offices: Open

Student Harmony Access

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