South Putnam Community Schools

3999 South US Highway 231, Greencastle, IN. 46135

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South Putnam Community Education Foundation


 In 1998 the School board began a program of providing a $400-$450 scholarship to seniors receiving an Honors Diploma. This money came directly from the funds the school received for each student graduating with the Honors Diploma. The number of Honors Diploma graduates nearly doubled during this time. During the 2005 State Legislative session Senator Morris Mills presented legislation which was passed that would no longer allow us to provide these scholarships. Therefore as I looked for a way to replace this I stumbled upon an article in the Indianapolis Star discussing Education Foundations. After weeks of research I asked Penny Long and Annette Coon to help me start this foundation. We worked with the Indiana Association of Public Education Foundations and purchased a three ring binder on how to start a foundation. We met with Elaine Peck of the Putnam County Foundation to see if we could work through them. With this discussion we learned that we would be required to invest $12,000 into the county foundation before we could begin providing any kind of grant or scholarship as we would only get to use the interest from year to year that our investment generated. We would lose access to any and all investments in the county foundation. We decided that we wanted to be able to utilize all the money received for the benefit of South Putnam students and proceeded to seek a grant to pay for the costs of the application to receive a 501c3 classification. After receiving our first grant we applied and received our 501c3 designation. Since then we have received a total of two grants from INAPEF. As of tonight we have provided, 5 teacher grants, four scholarships, and will present some other funds as well tonight to support education. We also assist the Quarterback Club in handling their money which is used for the Wildman Leadership Scholarship.

With your support we will continue to work for the students of South Putnam Schools to seek out dollars in order to improve the education of our students.


School Status:

Administration Office: Open

High School Office: Open

Elementary Offices: Closed

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